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What would the world look like if we locked down forever? Watch it here!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

No one believes this scenario will exist, but in February we thought things would be back to normal by July; in March, by September; and now, by when?

In 2020, we have all moved to video conferencing, doing all of our work online, in the cloud, working from home. That's all happened in just a few months. What if you were starting a business today built for that scenario, rather than adapting your business to this pandemic scenario? What would happen if we were building our structures for pure digital and remote rails?  More importantly, should we build our businesses for pure digital and remote access and, if we did, what would they look like? If we started afresh, what would our world look like as a truly digital world?

These are all great questions to ask, particularly in current climate, and that's we are keen to explore a future scenario of a world where we were locked down forever. How does that world look?


- Introduction by Chris Skinner

- Introduction of guests and and a short presentation on how they've coped with the crisis so far

- Round Table discussion

  • What would you change in your business if WFH (working from home) and lockdown lasted forever?

  • What are the 3 most important changes we can expect from the industries represented

  • How do lockdown strategies affect the industries?

  • Has the work with digitization strategies changed in any way and how?

  • Does the changes requires any change in the mindset of vendors/partners in the value chains?

  • Will we see increased innovation budgets?

  • Do you want to work more actively with start-ups?

  • Must we prepare for lower margins?

- Q&A to and from

- Audience questions

- Ending: let's assume the future is not a permanent lockdown but, coming out of this crisis, can you share one thing you've learned about the world that is worth sharing?

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