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NFI Newsletter February

Dear all,

In 2021 our overall theme will be “Purpose Driven Business” and "Digital for good: if you don’t stand for something, you fall down”, the title of Chris Skinner`s new book which engage with the heart of NFI. Within the network we are growing a new purpose driven sustainable culture Activating and nurturing the network through meetings - digital and physical when possible -, creating the right spaces and moments to think together, identify challenges and execute real projects. In 2021 our strategic priorities will be to strengthen our network, continuing to build global connections, and include more verticals and integrate the cross-sector Sustainability forum as a fundamental sector connecting all other sectors. Our verticals will be: Big Tech, Platforms, Real Estate, Retail, Fintech, Insurance, Mobility & Travel with the Sustainability Forum as the horizontal common foundation. On January 21 we kicked off our first event “Recovery, the year to refresh, restart, reload and reboot”. April 8th will be the next event “Is the world getting better?”, you can view the full details below. Be aware of all our news!. We will keep bringing the Nordics together and boost global sustainable innovation. We will connect people with the right attitude across the world and deliver common results no one ever thought was possible!! We will have monthly activities within each of our strategic dimensions, Connect, public events, Think, our Forums and private groups and Do our common projects. Take a look below for more news and details. We are looking forward to meeting again both digital and physical!.

Save the date! Next activities in 2021

March 18th 10:00 - 11:30 / ONLINE:

Sustainability eRoundTable - “Are you fit for the future?” our first Sustainability activity, working in the core of our mission to “boost global sustainable innovation”

Register here

April 8th 14:30 -16:00 / ONLINE:

eRoundTable “Is the world getting better?” - with Chris Skinner and top level speakers

Register here

August 27 - 29 / AMSTERDAM :

Our very first tour after the lockdowns. Join our NFI Executive Women Network. Hosted by TCS, our Gold partner

November 11 - 12 / LAPLAND:

Looking forward to our NFI Summit with all NFI Members.

News and reviews


On january 11th we enjoyed a great session lead by Chris Skinner about #Recovery in 2021. Thanks to Chris Skinner, Zennon Kapron, Bente Sverdrup, Sam Maule, Dr. Graham Cross, Mikko Turtiainen and Iren Tranvåg.

(Watch it here)

Video Shots:

If you just want to get a rush of inspiration, we invite you to visit our Youtube Channel. We have short but powerful videos just for you! You can begin by visiting our Leaders Series videos, or in fact any of our interesting playlists. There’s always a video with the right kind of insight for you.

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