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The best of 2020, our plans for 2021 and Merry Christmas

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Dear all,

We are soon ending 2020, which has been a very special year. The world moved to digital in just a few weeks.

“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks when decades happen” - Lenin

We managed to have two physical meetings in Oslo and Stockholm, hosted by Swedbank. The topic proposed by our very own Chris Skinner was “Doing Digital”. Needless to say that just a month later we sure went to “Doing Digital”!

Our Mission is to Bring the Nordics Together to Boost Global Sustainable Innovation”.

We are evolving and becoming more mature in implementing our mission. We leveraged the challenges that COVID presented. Now we’re closer than ever and every member has new connections & possibilities to get inspired, grow & learn through innovation.

Our differentiator is our trusted network: our passion and energy to inspire, share and explore. Moving to digital gave us the perfect opportunity to connect and present these connections to grow your network in the Nordics and globally, with all actors in the ecosystem, and across industries and borders.

Going digital helped NFI to grow. In 2020 we had more events than ever. We kicked-off with our first Connection Festival across 6 regions around the world with participation and connections made between corporations and global startups!

You know that we never stop working and thinking big. That’s why in 2021 we will be pushing to incorporate more sectors and to build more global bridges. We’re proud to announce that we’re launching our Global Innovation Advisory Board, headed by Chris Skinner and with global leaders helping us to achieve our mission.

Nordic Future Innovation (NFI) - Connect, Think & Do.

In January we changed our name to Nordic Future Innovation to grow a multi-sector, multi-country and multi-player network. To achieve our mission we act in 3 strategic dimensions:

  • CONNECT - Activate and nurture the network through physical and digital meetings;

  • THINK - Create the right spaces and moments to think together and identify challenges;

  • DO - Execute real projects to act upon the challenges. Create the right tools, foster initiatives, and work together. NFI Connect is our main platform to follow up the connections and ecosystem.

You can read more about our “Connect, Think and Do” philosophy in this post.

2021 - The Year of “Purpose Driven Business”

In 2021 our overarching theme will be “Digital for Good”, which is the title of Chris Skinner`s new book to be launched in 2021. We’re engaged with the idea he builds the book over, as it’s linked to our own mission: “Using the network to make everything better through purpose driven cultures”.

We will also look into topics like the economic recovery, security, privacy, technology & innovation, and collaboration strategies. We will have monthly activities for all sectors with eRound tables, sectorial forums, Nordic Connection festivals, tours, our yearly summit and more.

Dear friends, 2020 presented us with many challenges and showed us how vulnerable life is. But it also brought us closer, strengthened our trustful relationships and pushed us to innovate and for that we’re grateful. We invite you to take a look at the summary of the year and detail of future activities in the sections below.

And now it’s time to be with the loved ones. Take care and stay healthy. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We are looking forward to meeting again! Be ready for an amazing 2021. We will keep bringing the Nordics together and boost global innovation.

Save the date! The first activities for 2021

Do pencil in the following dates in your calendar:


January 21st 14:30 - 16:00

E-meeting: eRoundTable

With Chris Skinner and top level speakers

Add to your calendar

E-round Table

March 31st 14:30 -16:00

E-meeting: eRoundTable

With Chris Skinner and top level speakers

Add to your calendar

Executive Women Network

August 27 - 29 / AMSTERDAM

Hosted by TCS, our Gold partner

Our very first tour after the lockdowns.

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November 11 - 12 / LAPLAND

Looking forward our NFI Summit with all NFI Members.

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Welcome to our Gold Partner - TCS

We're excited to welcome our new NFI Connect Gold Partner TCS. Watch an interview with Hemakiran Gupta, Head of Banking, Financial Services and Insurance for TCS. He embodies the values of NFI members, with the right mindset - happy, curious, learning-oriented, generous (willing to share), daring (willing to explore), nonconformist, and with a “let’s do it” attitude -, both within the Nordics and Globally, and always willing to inspire, share, explore, and execute innovation projects.

Special interview

Hemakiran Gupta,

Head of BFSI Europe - TCS

We are excited to inaugurate our Leader Series videos with this special interview with Hemakiran Gupta.

Watch the whole interview here

A Unique new culture of innovation in the Nordics

The best innovation comes from new ways of collaboration and we’re walking the talk by embracing Open Innovation. We actively create the mechanisms for innovation and knowledge to flow across organizations, sectors and players. Marisol Menendez is sharing with us day-to-day based on her framework “3 Dimensions of Open Innovation”. This framework helps to analyze, understand, and question the mechanisms behind innovation implementation in an organization and an ecosystem in 3 levels: Strategy, POP K and Mindset Alignment. We’re successfully using it in the context of the forums. Do you want to live real open innovation in your organization? Contact us!

The best from 2020

This year has been full of activities, inspiration, knowledge, and connections. Take a look at the highlights, best moments, and knowledge shared by our network. These are available to you on this website, NFI Youtube channel and NFI Linkedin for your enjoyment.

New "Food for thought" series

We're sharing short, snappy but powerful ideas from thought leaders of our network. Put that mind to work, and get the best inspiration from all sectors, all countries and all players of the ecosystem.

Watch them here

Doing Digital, but what is the purpose?

In Oslo, Chris Skinner held the European launch of his new book “Doing Digital” with an excellent group of speakers.

Read the article here

Financial behavioural changes post pandemic

A view on payments specifically. As coronavirus locked down the Nordics, one good thing is the region is already highly digital and paperless.

Watch the event

Retail behavioural changes post pandemic

Three amazing experts share their experience from different countries and even multinational perspectives about the life after Covid 19 when it comes to payments.

Watch the event

Nordic Connection Festival

Real Solutions to Real Challenges. For the first time 4 top nordic banks share their challenges in the same table. Real companies, real decision makers, real challenges...

Watch the event

What would the world look like if we closed down forever?

No one believes this scenario will exist, but in February we thought things would be back to normal by July; in March, by September; and now, by when?

Watch the event

Building resilience and adaptability for the future

The last months all industries have been pushed forward and urged to implement innovations. According to a McKinsey analysis

Watch the event

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