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Its all about the data, Oslo

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

6. February, 12:30

Epicenter, Pilestredet 33 A

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About the event

The future is Artificial Intelligence which is all about having good data for customer intelligence, both in marketing and service.

Without clean enterpricewide data structures, financial institutions will fail because they will not be able to compete with those that have great data intimacy with the customer.

In particular today most financial institutions are using data and AI purely for regulation and risk. These are very important areas, but the future will be around using customer data in the way you can see with Amazon, Google and Alibaba.

Can you see it in your own institution ? Can you compete with those internet Giants ? If you cannot, and if you do not have the data structure to compete with them, then you have a problem.

Find out how to solve the problem at the first of our NFI meetings of 2019.

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