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Digital Identities at Scale with ForgeRock

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Digital Identity & Access Management (IAM) has become core to doing business. When executing a digital strategy putting consumers first, making this an automated yet secure process, where user data is protected and respected, is fundamental. We recently spoke with Sutton Maxwell, Regional Director, Northern Europe at ForgeRock. He states that:

“Businesses today need a comprehensive strategy for digital identity & access management. IAM has become a fundamental pillar to provide a modern digital experience, while harboring security, privacy, and compliance.”

Enterprises require a new, modern solution that can meet the rapidly growing need for highly effective IAM, both for workforce (employees) internally and externally with consumers and connected ‘things’. The number of people, services, and things to manage is also growing exponentially- and increasing numbers of applications are moving to the cloud as the internet of things grows.

The drivers for digital transformation for most businesses are i) top line; aimed at offering enhanced and more personalized user experiences that drive new customer relationships, loyalty, retention and spending and ii) bottom line; optimizing core business processes reducing costs. To tackle each, businesses need effective platforms which are scalable and secure whilst allowing for high-touch engagement with users and rich set of self-service features. Increasingly they must do so with their customers’ privacy in mind. Effective digital identity strategies offer savvy businesses an edge over the competition to drive new revenue and save time and costs, as they take on the hefty task of digital transformation.

ForgeRock is ahead of this curve, supporting over +1000 enterprise customers today across 33 different countries with its comprehensive IAM software platform. The platform of choice for large customers like HSBC, Ericsson, Storebrand, Allianz, and the Norwegian Agency for Digitization, ForgeRock is well positioned to help businesses and governments simplify complex IAM challenges and mitigate regulatory challenges like PSD2 and GDPR.

“It’s about making IAM a business asset, rather than a security cost center.”, says Sutton.

From government to financial services, ForgeRock is trusted by the biggest names in business. ForgeRock is recognized as the leader for CIAM and IAM by analysts Forrester and KuppingerCole, and a visionary by Gartner in the IAM and IGA markets.

NFI is proud to welcome ForgeRock as one of its core sponsors.

Read more about ForgeRock here!

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