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Connect, think & do

To achieve our mission we act in 3 strategic dimensions


Activate and nurture the network through physical and digital meetings

NFI Young

Member-driven network for young professionals, that aims to create a community for young professionals in the Nordic countries to engage, share knowledge & experiences, collaborate & learn.

Workshops, interactive seminars, excursions and social gatherings.

A 2-year program with relevant themes intended to inspire and develop selected talents in the NFI member companies.

NFI Women

CEO’s and senior executives from the Nordics, gathering to network, get inspired, identify challenges and opportunities to collaborate.

+50 members, and growing each year with this collaborative, engaging, multisector and executive perspective.


Online or physical events keep the right pace of connection, inspiration and collaboration within the network:

  • NFI Summit: A yearly event discussing several topics around a main theme. In 2019 it was about Trust.

  • eRound Tables & Fireside Chats: Short events with a discussion around an specific topic

  • Nordic Connection Festival: A focused event to find real solutions to real challenges. A matchmaking and connection activity getting the right solution providers (startups), with the right solution seekers (corporations)

And during 2021 we will promote many more relevant activities emphasizing in the inter-sectorial connection.


Create the right spaces and moments to think together, and identify challenges

The Forums are private meetings where selected leaders can meet in a trusted environment, to discuss challenges, share experiences and explore common possibilities.

Identify connection with startups or with other corporates and sectors, challenges on specific topics, build knowledge and launch projects

Forums "Secret Recipe" - our learnings so far

Having the right ingredients is key:

  • Right people

  • Right Facilitators

  • Psychological safety

  • Rotation of venue

  • Quality Networking

  • Continuity and new business opportunities

Fintech Forum

Our longest running forum, with banks from all nordic countries.

Real projects identified: wallet interoperability, startup onboarding program

Retail Forum

Integrated by the top retailers from all nordic countries, identifying priorities and common challenges for the industry.

Sustainability Forum

Discussing challenges and sharing experiences connected to transformation into a sustainable business model. Explore and inspire possibilities for collaboration.

New Forums for 2021!

  • Big Tech Forum

  • Insurance Forum

  • Real Estate / Mobility Forum


Execute real projects to act upon the challenges. Create the right tools, foster initiatives, and work together.

Global Advisory Board

A unique group of leaders, thinkers and experienced executives from the Nordics and all around the globe to work together to achieve NFI’s objectives.

At NFI we are happy, curious, learning-oriented, generous (willing to share), daring (willing to explore), nonconformist, and with a ‘let’s do it’ attitude.

Startup Onboarding Program

Executing over priorities identified in the forums or member meetings. The Startup Onboarding Project and Connection Festivals are focused in finding and connecting with the right startups.

NFI Connect

NFI is the meeting point where nordic businesses come together as a single front, and NFI connect is the connection engine to make it happen

TCS and NFI have common interests: the commitment to unlock the power of innovation in the nordics while thinking global

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