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New Book by Chris Skinner: Digital Human

NFI members get discounted price. Order the book by sending an e-mail to Price NOK 160. The book is signed by Chris.

Digital Human: The Fourth Revolution of Humanity Includes Everyone

We live in the fourth age of humanity.

The first phase was becoming human. The second was becoming civilised, when we created money. The third was becoming commercial, when we created banks. In this fourth age of humanity, we have turned ourselves into Digital Humans.

Technology is changing the way we talk, trade and transact. We are now interfacing with technology whenever we do business, make friends, and go about our lives. What does this mean for business, banking, society and government? What does this mean for you?

Digital Human book cover
Digital Human book cover

Digital Human explores the transformations that are sweeping through all spheres of life: the domination of global digital giants; the advent of new financial structures (FinTech); the disruption brought about by Bitcoin; the rise of robots; and the fall of banks.

The book also gives the first in-depth English case-study of Ant Financial and Alipay, the largest payments processing company in the world. Soon, not only will everyone on the planet be connected digitally, they can be raised out of poverty through inclusion.

We are living through the age of creating the next generation of humanity. What does the future hold?

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