Northern Lights 25-27th October 2017


Northern Lights 25-27th October 2017


3 days, 5 Nordic countries, 7 specialists and maximum 120 divided into 15 teams.

Nordic Finance Innovation corporate members gets invited to send their best people within the following fields:

  • Business intelligence 
  • Technical wizard
  • User experience
  • Innovator / CDO


IBM, EVRY and the academies will support with:

  • Project manager & design thinkers (Staff from Evry)
  • Design thinkers / Bluemix garage – (Staff from IBM)
  • Visual designers (Students from different universities)


Price: 6500 NOK per person

Includes hotel, food and bus transportation from Gardermoen, Oslo


Sponsored and supported by: IBM and EVRY 

See video:


For questions or sponsorship information, contact:

Narve Hansen – Chief Innovation Officer


Mobile: 40 91 00 91