Member meetings and activities 2018


Next NFI member meeting will be in Copenhagen May 31 (Host Saxo Bank)  

Topic: Financial Services in the age of Digital Assistants

Google, Amazon, Facebook and their Chinese counterparts Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu, are all playing around the financial markets in some shape or form. Most of it seems to focus on payments, but what are the real long-term plans of these digital giants and should banks fear them or partner with them? To find out how platform players think in their marketplaces, we’ve invited some of the key players to join us and also asked leading members of the Nordic financial community to give us their thoughts.

Host: Saxo Bank

12:30 Registration 

13:00 Welcome by Kim Fournais, Founder & CEO, Saxo Bank 

13:10 Chris Skinner, Chairman of The Board, NFI                                                                 

13:40 Kim Fournais, Founder & CEO, Saxo Bank
14:10 Yang Sun, Director Business Development & Operation, Financial Services, Alibaba Group

14:40 Coffee break

15:00 Rikke Hagemann, Industry Manager for Finance, Google Copenhagen   
15:20 Jakob Holst, Open Banking Partner Manager, Nordea
15:40 Brandon Jones, Nordic Leader iX, IBM

16:10 Panel discussion

16:30 Kim Hyldig, Business Development Director, Worldline

16:45 Summary, tapas, drinks and networking

Price: Members: Free / Non Members: 350 Euro

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